“Giving back to the community”

“Creating difference for a better society”

“Empowering communities”

“Sustainable solutions for a better tomorrow”

Corporate Social Responsibility is a Company’s commitment to operate in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable manner, while recognizing the interests of its stakeholders. This commitment is beyond statutory requirements. Corporate Social Responsibility is, therefore, closely linked with the practice of Sustainable Development. Corporate Social Responsibility extends beyond philanthropic activities and reaches out to the integration of social and business goals. These activities need to be seen as those which would, in the long term, help secure a sustainable competitive advantage. Aura Edu Group conducts skill development programs for Socially-excluded groups that have been excluded from the advantages of economic growth and social advancement through exclusion from society based on culture, social identity, shared characteristics, etc. in Target locations of areas decided. Target location youth populations will be targeted in relation to selected CSR program in this project.

CSR execution Partner of Whirlpool, India : We have entered an agreement with M/s Whirlpool of India Ltd  to impart skill training to the aspiring candidates in the Electronics Sector under their CSR activity. So far, we have successfully trained and placed over 1000 candidates in various parts of India